We see the timing aspect of a race to be our key focus of our business -the accuracy of the results and awards. We also want to keep the runner happy as well as developing a relationship with the race director to cater to their event’s needs.

Types of timing Chips we offer :

  • Bibtag – chip attached to the back of the race bib
  • Reusable timing chip – chip attached to a Velcro band worn around the ankle
  • Single-use timing chip – chip attached to the athletes shoe lace

Services Provided by Chip Time Results:

  • Live! Results on website during the event
  • LED Display clock
  • Registration File and Master Reg Lists provided
  • Timing chips and/or race kits assembled
  • Same day registrations processed at no extra charge

Different types of award scoring :

  • Traditional Cross Country Scoring
  • Points Series
  • Team awards
  • Age Grading

Additional Services :

  • Online Registrations Capabilities
  • Announcer Mats
  • Split Mats
  • Race bibs (generic or custom)
  • Inflatable Finish line Structure
  • T-Shirts
  • Race Clock Rental
  • Course Certification